About HP Analysis

HP Analysis is an Environmental Health and Safety consultant with experience spanning a decade. Suited for all hazardous material testing requirements for homeowners, contractors and builders, HP Analysis has the expertise to ensure a safe and uncontaminated process of sample collection and testing.

Our highly skilled and certified professionals are trained to identify problematic areas, conduct testing and issue an accurate, detailed report along with lab findings and photo imagery. This report explains our findings and a breakdown of the lab results along with recommendations. All results are typically provided within 24-48 hours of the date of testing.

Competitive pricing and quality service make HP Analysis the best choice. We possess the experience, knowledge and quality to resolve environmental concerns with your project from start to finish and within budget. Our proven track-record and reputation has earned us the trust of our clients rendering them with a safe environment and better air quality.

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Karin Mahil
Certified Hazmat Professional & Regional Consultant

  • Certified Hazmat Inspector , EPA, USA
  • Certified Technician Air Monitoring & Analysis ( Asbestos & Mold ) Seattle, WA, USA
  • Certified Applied Polarized Light Microscopy , Chicago , Illinois, USA
  • Certified Lead Inspector & Risk Assessor , Seattle , WA , USA


HP Analysis has effective access & availability of closed network of certified licensed professionals to execute all your abatement requirement/ Hazardous material removal. The certified and insured asbestos abatement professionals under our network are trained to use state of the art equipment in the safest and most professional/ efficient manner.